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Administration Orders

For those with much smaller debt levels an Administration Order could be the best solution. The Order is approved by a formal Court order which covers your outstanding debts in certain restricted circumstances. Under it you would make a single affordable monthly payment to the Court, who will administer the Order and distribute that money between your creditors until the debts are discharged.

For the duration of the Order no creditor, can take any action against you as you are now fully protected by the Court Criteria for approval. Administration Orders only work in very restricted circumstances. You must have;

  • Less than £5,000 unsecured debts

  • Had at least one County Court Judgment against you

  • Owe the money to at least two different creditors.

  • How to Apply

    If you are contemplating this then you will need to obtain the relevant forms from your local County Court. Often your local Citizens Advice Bureau will be able to help you complete the form.

    An Administration Order can only cover a single person, and where there are debts with a partner e.g. bank loans and Overdrafts, you will need to include the whole debt. If your partner is also within the criteria for an Administration Order then they must apply separately.

    Default of Administration Order

    The Administration Order can be revoked if you do not keep up your agreed payments. However if there are extenuating circumstances then the Court can vary the Order to help alleviate your circumstances.

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