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Bankruptcy Support Programme

Bankruptcy Support Programme

The Bankruptcy Support Programme has been specifically designed by our own group Insolvency Practitioners to help and support you through the whole bankruptcy process from beginning to end.

We have many years experience in preparing and helping clients to apply for, and deal with the consequences of bankruptcy and this knowledge will prove vital in ensuring you get everything right first time.

Do not let the thought of applying for bankruptcy or dealing with the court become too stressful. We are here to guide and support you at every stage of the bankruptcy process.

If you qualify then our Bankruptcy Support Programme will be tailored to meet your specific financial circumstances but the main features available to you are as follows.

  • An initial, free of charge financial review with one of our bankruptcy specialists just to confirm that bankruptcy is the best option for you and provide peace of mind on any alternatives which could be more appropriate. (You do not have to take up any alternative but the bankruptcy court can insist on documentation to show that you have been previously told of possible available alternatives anyway e.g. Debt Relief Orders).

  • From day one we will deal directly with all creditors on your behalf. This action will immediately reduce your stress levels as you will not need to talk to them anymore.

  • We will help you to negotiate and deal with any priority debt arrears such as mortgages and utility debts which must continue to be paid even under the bankruptcy.

  • We will provide specific help, advice and payment options to help you with the fees you will have to pay the bankruptcy court (currently £700).

  • All the bankruptcy court paperwork including the required Affidavits and three typed and bound copies of the actual Petition will be completed by one of our specialists to present your case in the best possible way to the court.

  • Help to gather together the bundle of creditor and other documentation you will be required to supply to the court to ensure that your bankruptcy goes smoothly.

  • An analysis to demonstrate to the court that you can live properly on your income and that the court doesn't issue a monthly Income Payments Order which leaves you unable to live properly.

  • We will make all the necessary court appointments on your behalf to meet your specific requirements.

  • We will even attend court with you if that should prove necessary.

  • We can provide immediate access to our in house highly qualified Insolvency Practitioners to discuss key aspects of your bankruptcy petition and any meetings you may be required to attend. We will tell you how the court is likely to view any assets you have such as your home, job, pensions, car etc.

  • Specific advice on questions you are likely to be asked at your hearing and any possible appeals which you may need to make.

  • The dedicated bankruptcy support telephone helpline is available to all our clients for the full period of your bankruptcy up to discharge (usually up to 12 months later).

  • All initial conversations are completely free and without obligation. If you do decide to take advantage of our Bankruptcy Support Programme then a fee may be payable.

    Any fee payable under the Bankruptcy Support Programme will be dependant on your specific case (e.g. if you need us to attend court with you) but will always be communicated to you in writing before you make any decisions – and a cooling off period will also apply in your favour and any fees paid during that period will be reimbursed in full should you change your mind.

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    "Thank you so much for all your help and support during my financial nightmare".

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