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Debt Relief Orders

The Debt Relief Order (D.R.O.) was introduced by the government in April 2009 as a means of providing an alternative to allow people to apply for a personal bankruptcy without having to go through the full Court bankruptcy procedure. Applications are completed by the debtor via an online web form.

A DRO is approved directly by the governments Insolvency Service and is a much cheaper option than full bankruptcy (currently costing £90), although it is very restricted in who can apply.

In order to qualify for a DRO you must have unsecured debts of less than £15,000 and a low disposable income of less than £50 per month. A DRO lasts for up to one year and you will be completely protected from your creditors under the Order. Upon completion of the DRO your debts will be totally written off and you will be debt free.

As previously stated there are significant restrictions upon who can apply for a DRO. A debtor cannot apply if you have items of significant value or savings of more than £300. Also you would be excluded from applying for this Order if you own a vehicle worth more than £1,000 or have a significant private pension fund.

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